Connecting brands with their vegan early adopters

We help brands who otherwise might not have finances to launch their products by effectively connecting them with the people who are most likely to become long-term customers.

This way of community funding allows entrepreneurs to remain in control of their companies, and allows consumers to get early access to future products at a discount. There is a growing demand for vegan products, and Vegan Inventions allows anyone to take their product from concept directly to the market.

Our due diligence

We take the utmost pride in running an ethical space. We monitor all campaigns on Vegan Inventions to ensure those launching projects are who they say they are. We also work carefully with our payment partners to ensure payments are collected and distributed safely and securely. 

Our team is on-hand to monitor any feedback and concerns our users have. 

Vegan Inventions is a cruelty-free digital space. We do not tolerate abuse of our platform, or the community. Please read our terms of use to find out more

What you should know

Although we do our best to monitor and ensure the quality of each campaign launch, we want you to understand that being an early adopter does come with risks. 

Projects on our platform are usually early stage ventures launched by entrepreneurs. This might be their first business venture and thus things sometimes do not go according to plan.

Support when you need it

Our team is on-hand to support you. Our live chat is available 9am – 6pm GMT. If you require support outside of these hours, please contact us via email and we will get back to you within 24 hours.