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Get your brand in front of your desired consumers. Our email marketing allows brands to develop smart email campaigns that target customers based on your desired demographic.

Vegan Inventions Email Marketing

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How it works

Submit your requirements

Fill out our email marketing intake form and let us know the requirements for your campaign. Once completed, a member of our team will reach our to you within 24-hours.

Content development

Based on your requirements, we will help you to tailor your email and on-site content explaining to our users the benefits of your product. We encourage brands to provide special offers to incentivise our audience to test our products.

Campaign goes live

Your email lands into the inbox of thousands of our users. We will also develop an on-site page which will further explain the features and benefits of your product or brand.

Ready to connect with thousands of vegan consumers?

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Yes. We recommend up to three demographics. This ensures your audience remains wide yet targeted. 

No. A typical newsletter sponsorship will include an ad (banner or other) about your brand. 

Our email campaigns will only include information about your brand, and key information on your product/s.

The minimum audience size for an email campaign is 1,000.

We encourage all brands to include an offer of some kind. This is to incentivize our audience to take action after learning about your brand. 

Our audience has opted in to receive our emails. This is a key component of our community and because of this our open rate is over 90%.