Boost sales with cashbacks

Send hundreds, or thousands of consumers to purchase your products at any supermarket. From audience selection, to refund distribution. Vegan Inventions is the easiest way to run an effective cashback campaign and receive feedback on your products.


Brands we've worked with

How it works

Outline campaign

Select the amount of people you would like to offer cashbacks on their purchases, your selected supermarkets, and dates. 

Activation goes live

Over a 4-week period, our audience will purchase your products at selected supermarkets. 

Refund & feedback

Vegan Inventions handles the refund process while our audience also gives you feedback on their experience and your product/s.

Ready to connect with thousands of vegan consumers?

Book a call with us to find our how we can connect your brand with the perfect audience


Yes. We recommend up to three demographics. This ensures your audience remains wide yet targeted. 

No. A typical newsletter sponsorship will include an ad (banner or other) about your brand. 

Our email campaigns will only include information about your brand, and key information on your product/s.

The minimum audience size for an email campaign is 1,000.

We encourage all brands to include an offer of some kind. This is to incentivize our audience to take action after learning about your brand. 

Our audience has opted in to receive our emails. This is a key component of our community and because of this our open rate is over 90%.