On this page you will find multiple social badges you can download to promote your campaign on your brands’ website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also access the Vegan Inventions wordmark, logo, and brand colors. We set up a few rules you should read before using the Vegan Invention social badges.

How to use social badges

How to use social badges

Social badges can be added to your promotional content on social media. They help you celebrate key campaign moments such as launching your campaign. The Vegan Inventions badges can help your campaign stand out to visitors of your social media platforms and capture the attention of potential adopters. 

As you plan your promotions, keep in mind that Vegan Inventions is a tool for building a vegan community for your brands. You’re not asking the adopters to donate money or pre-order a product. No, you’re asking them to join you in your creative journey. Do not only promote your product but share what inspires you and invite people to become part of what you are creating.    

The Vegan Interventions social badges are for promotional purposes only. Do not place any graphics over the main project image on your Vegan Inventions page. It is important that your brand shows compelling and uncluttered pages. Our team is more likely to feature honest and clearly presented campaigns.

Social badges

Social badges

Add them to your promotional content for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.





Wordmark and logo

You can download our Vegan Inventions logo and other assets beneath.

There are a few rules you must follow in order to use this material:

Do not use these images in a way that would confuse someone into thinking that a product or item is made or endorsed by Vegan Inventions.

Do not use these images in a way that would confuse someone into thinking that a website is run or endorsed by Vegan Inventions.

Do not alter, stretch, condense, overlay, stylize, or otherwise skew these images in any way.