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Vegan Inventions is the world’s first
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We’ve made it simple for anyone to start receiving samples. Simply sign up, answer our short on-boarding questions, and sit back. We’ll send you alerts when products are available.

How it works




Frequently asked questions

How can my brand use Vegan Inventions?

Brands use us to sample products to customers, conduct market research, and for targeted email marketing promotions.

What are the different types of sampling campaigns I can run on Vegan Inventions?

We offer direct sampling campaigns, cashback offers and digital sampling.

Do you have a minimum audience size?

The minimum audience size for a sample campaign is 100 consumers. 

The minimum audience size for market research is 1000. 

The minimum audience size for email promotions is 1000. 

How can you be sure consumers will complete our surveys?

All consumers have signed up to Vegan Inventions first-hand. During onboarding we make it clear that all claimed samples will include a survey. 

If a user does not complete a survey they will be removed from the platform. To ensure it doesn't get there we have key information on all users and ensure they are sent reminders.

How does your delivery work?

Brands will first ship their products to our distribution centre. Our team then handles the rest 😊

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